Rebels Gaming announce their roster to debut in the Spanish League of Legends Superliga

Rebels Gaming will debut this Monday in the highest national League of Legends competition, the Superliga. Rebels Gaming will be playing with the roster announced on Saturday, conformed by five players and three members on the coaching staff:

· Milosz ‘R4VEN’ Domagalski
· Kirill ‘AHaHaCiK’ Skvortsov
· Francisco José ‘Xico’ Cruz
· Michael ‘Rayito’ Curtet
· Guilherme ‘Obstinatus’ Cruz

· Ivan ‘Prod1gy’ Villanueva
· Mateusz ‘Tasz’ Borkowski
· David ‘SargoX’ Arqueros

All have been featured in the All-in Rebels video. A fiction short movie inspired by films such as Ocean’s Eleven, which reflects the bet made by David de Gea‘s club in the “most competitive Superliga in history”, according to different leading figures and analysts in the scene, by signing these 5 players.

“It is a very balanced squad, with strong players and equal parts of talent and experience,”

“We had to create the roster practically from scratch. The different media cases and abusive clauses have made players and agents to be more closed to see options when negotiating than normal. However, we are happy; we have signed all the players until 2024, which is great taking into account that we want to do a long-term project”, he emphasizes.

Rebels Gaming became a Superliga team after being elected by the LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional –the Spanish professional video game league–) to fill the spot left by G2 Arctic. The competition begins this Monday, January 16 with Giants Gaming, Movistar Riders, UCAM Tokiers, Barça eSports, Fnatic TQ, Heretics, Finetwork KOI, BISONS ECLUB and Guasones as participating teams, in addition to Rebels Gaming itself.

Precisely, Rebels Gaming will debut in the Superliga next Monday 16 at 7:00 p.m. (GMT) against Guasones, a team that is also coming from Superliga Segunda.

The organization, located in Madrid, will play the matches from its new stage at the Rebels Center, the high-performance center located in Valdebebas for players from the different disciplines and its employees.

Rebels Gaming will be streamed every Tuesday and Thursday (in addition to this first Monday of competition) on and The latest announced Rebels content creator DaniKongi will officially host the team’s matches on the club’s official channel.