David de Gea promotes gender equality in esports by creating a female Valorant team

Rebels Gaming has reinforced its sports structure with the incorporation of a female Valorant team, which joins the esports club created by David de Gea last November.
In this way, Rebels Gaming will compete in female circuits such as Valorant’s Game Changers as part of the club growth and inclusion strategy: “At Rebels we want to make visible the female talent that exists in esports, which is a lot, while promoting diversity and equal opportunities in this exciting sector”, says the Spanish footballer.
Precisely, one of the pillars on which Rebels was born was to contribute to society by promoting, among other things, inclusion in the gaming industry, regardless of gender. “Esports must be exemplary in terms of diversity, opening up to all kinds of audiences and profiles“, adds De Gea, a true fan of female sports.
Despite the fact that gaming has been a traditionally male field, a study carried out by MediaCom in 2021 highlights that more than 40% of gamers globally are women. In Spain this figure is somewhat higher, reaching 42% of female presence in the sector. Riot Games, developer of Valorant, is making a firm commitment to gender diversity in the competitive space of this game, promoting different tournaments.
The women’s team that will represent Rebels in Valorant under the name of Rebels Velvet is made up of five players, who start this adventure with all the passion and commitment that characterize the club. “All of us at Rebels are committed to this new team; we firmly believe and trust they will serve as an inspiration to continue promoting the fans among the female public”, says De Gea.
The first appointment that the team faces will be on April 25, thus beginning a calendar that will end on May 7. Good luck and go get it!