David de Gea leaps to esports with the creation of the Rebels Gaming club

Digital innovation, values ​​and social impact: the keys to the project

The footballer David de Gea has taken a definitive step in his passion for esports with the creation of Rebels Gaming club, which has been officially presented today. This project, which comes to culminate one of the great dreams of the Spanish international, goes beyond the participation with different professional teams in esports leagues. “The digital age and technology create a pitch in which developing new capacities and dreams is possible. We want Rebels Gaming to be one of the global reference clubs, not only because of its competitive level, but also because of its commitment to talent and the ability to inspire the youngest when looking for new opportunities and have a positive impact on society”, says De Gea, whose love of videogames goes back years.

Rebels Gaming brings together a team of great esports professionals in various disciplines, such as sports strategy and tactics, marketing, content generation, entertainment and business development. “All of them, united by a nonconformist spirit and by the illusion of doing things in a different way to improve what is present and, always, with the values ​​of sport as the flag”, adds the goalkeeper.

The fact that esports has become a professional activity makes this scenario the ideal environment to work on skills and attitudes that are especially valued in any field. “We want to enhance motivation, leadership, resilience, the management of situations of success, defeat and, above all, teamwork”, explains De Gea.

At the sports level, the initial phase of Rebels Gaming focuses on three competitions, with differentiated strategies: League of Legends, the number one esport at an international level; Valorant, a younger game with enormous projection; and Rainbow 6, De Gea’s favorite esport that has great fans in Spain.

In relation to the exponential growth that esports is experiencing and the excellent business opportunities that are being created in this sector, Rebels Gaming aims to be an entertainment framework with its own content and relevant streamers in the sector, providing new supports and experiences for the brands and the general public. Rebels Gaming will have its own Gaming Center in Valdebebas (Madrid), which, in addition to being a training center, will be open to the public for events and presentations.

This project is much more than a dream come true for the Spanish footballer. It is a way of connecting two of his great passions, such as traditional sports and new technologies. Two scenarios with many similarities and tremendously close to the new generations, which will encourage the development of training activities, in a context of entertainment and fun.